Barbara Martensson Esq.

Matrimonial Law, Family Law,Civil Litigation, Estate Litigation, Land Use/Zoning Litigation, Appellate Practice

About Us


Barbara Martensson, Esq. – Admitted New York State; Southern and Eastern Districts




Bachelor of Arts -          Goucher College

Master of Education -    University of Virginia

Juris Doctorate -            Pace University School of Law


Barbara Martensson, Esq. has been practicing law for over fourteen years focusing in the areas of civil litigation, matrimonial law, family law and appeals. She is conveniently located in Westchester County just south of White Plains, New York , in close proximity to the courts.


Prior to entering the legal profession, Ms. Martensson spent over ten years working in the commodities business in trading and sales.


She brings to the practice of law a combination of a liberal arts education, advanced studies in education, with a specialty in counseling /higher education and her work experience.


When Ms. Martensson made the decision to enter the practice of law, she did so by attending law school at night while maintaining her fulltime day employment.


Ms. Martensson combines the forces of her educational background, work experience , drive and discipline all to advocate for you.


She has handled countless matters and can assist you in:                                                                                      


Matrimonial /Family Law: divorce, settlements, equitable distribution, child support, maintenance, custody, visitation, relocation, separate property, marital property, grandparent’s rights; paternity, separation agreements; prenuptial agreements.


Post judgment matrimonial : enforcement of agreements, modification of agreements, child support arrears, maintenance arrears, contempt, downward modifications of child support and/or maintenance ; upward modification child support and /or maintenance; college expenses; visitation/access issues.


Civil litigation : contract disputes; real property disputes including disputes over contracts of sale, wrongful retention of downpayments , ownership issues; zoning/land issues including denials of building permits, variances, non -conforming uses; negligence; obtaining judgments; vacating judgments; lease issues; Article 78 proceedings; estate litigation.






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